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Giant Gingerbread November 29, 2010

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It seems that I’ve got cookies on the brain, as of late.  Instead of Birthday Cake, I made this giant (12″) gingerbread cookie with cream cheese frosting for one of my student assistants at work.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been feeling well and was gone today.  Fortunately, our office is filled with famished cookie eaters that stepped up to the plate and demolished the whole thing, in my student assistant’s honor, of course!


Turkey 3 Ways November 26, 2010

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This week, thus far, has certainly been busy!  I made 2 turkified cakes, and the real deal.  The cakes are both carrot with cream cheese frosting.  The brown part of the turkey’s are made of chocolate fondant and the accents are colored fondant.  They are 100% edible, though I don’t think I would personally like to eat them.  Both cakes were a lot of fun to make and helped me to ease into Thanksgiving festivities.

I thought I would throw a few pictures in of our Thanksgiving feast, as well.  The turkey is not cake, it is the real deal!  Though, I probably could make it in cake.  We had a Very small (maybe the smallest ever) Thanksgiving at our house, with only four of us in attendance.  We planned for six, but unfortunately my in-laws could not make it. We missed them, but still managed to enjoy all of the food.  We will be sending leftovers their way soon!   BTW:  We ate pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert – there was no cake at our table!!

Click on the gallery above to see more cake pictures and more pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner.

Coming soon:  A patriotic holiday cake and Cookie Day 2010!


Cookies for Cakes November 22, 2010

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Well cake fans, it surely has been awhile!  It was such a busy fall with the wedding cake and other cake projects, that I really needed a break.  Watch out though, because I am back in action now!  Last weekend, I traded in cookies for cakes, I have a cake order complete with a turkey on top for tomorrow and Christmas is right around the corner!

Last weekend, Ben & Natalie invited us to the U of M football game.  They requested that I bring brownies.  In true Kalmbach fashion, I could not just bring plain old brownies.  Instead, we sported these gingerbread cookies decorated a la U of M with cream cheese frosting.  If you would like these to take home with you, they can be made to order for any occasion, in any shape, and in any decor.

Click on the picture below for a few more pics, too!


The Wedding Cake!! November 2, 2010

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First, let me say, Congratulations to Jack & Karen!!  It was a fabulous day, a fabulous wedding, and a fabulous reception.  Oh, and the cake was pretty good, too! 

Oh, how this day reminded me how much I love weddings!  I do now, however, have a great new respect for wedding cake artists!!!  So the big day was last Saturday, October 30th.  All in all, it went Very well.  And, I was pretty happy with the end result.  Of course, I noticed all of the things that Could have been better (and hopefully will get better with practice), but for the most part, I was pretty pleased. 

I fully intended on taking a break after the big event, and at one point I even contemplated selling all of my cake making paraphernalia on Ebay, BUT I found myself baking more cake tonight.   I guess when you love something, you just can’t stop yourself! 

Speaking of love, many thanks go out to my ever kind, loving, and patient husband.  He was running all around all day for me and for the wedding.  He never cracked a complaint and managed to maintain a smile.  He was/is an ever calm presence in a sea of craziness!!  I suppose that his calm balances my wild and That’s why are great together!

Click on the picture above to see more pics.  I had professional pics taken of this piece de resistance, so I will put those up once I get them from the photographer.