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Minnie Mouse Cake with Mouse Cake Pops April 20, 2011

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Now, fans, I didn’t want you to get overwhelmed with all of my projects from last weekend; so, I thought I would give you a few days to digest each one.  Either that, or I just haven’t had time to post about all of them!  Following you will find some info about project #2 for last weekend.

You probably remember my post last week where I attempted cake pops for the first time.  That test was in preparation for this cake.  A college friend of mine, Megan, and her sister, Amber, seemed to have a lot of interest in this so called cake on a stick treat.  Since I was making a cake for Amber’s daughters first birthday, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out those cake pops a la Minnie Mouse style.  Also, anyone who knows Megan or anyone in her family, knows that they are all CRAZY for Disney.

I’m not going to take the credit and claim that I came up with this awesome cake pop design on my own.  Bakerella gave me the basics for the mouse and the bow part of the pops was my own vision.  My cake pop technique, particular on the Mouse, needs some work.  However, I didn’t have a ton of time and Amber didn’t specifically request the cake pops, so I thought what I had done would due.  Another issue I have with these pops is that the chocolate looks really, nice but it tastes really cheap.  Does anyone know of a good quality dark chocolate that has the same hardening qualities of the molding chocolate?  The vanilla molding chips taste good but the chocolate flavored ones are just not that great.  I really pride Cake Utopia on using high quality, good tasting ingredients.  It really bothers me to hand out chocolate pops when I know the chocolate is inferior and could be so much better!

The cake was designed based on a request to match the napkin and plate design for the party.  I wasn’t actually asked to “mouse” it up, but the Minnie Mouse bows were mentioned as a like.  I appreciate the creative freedom that I was allowed on this one and I thought that since the pops are kind of abstract, they would be the perfect finishing touch.

The bottom tier is a 10″ chocolate with strawberry and cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.  The top tier is a 6″ cake of the same makeup.  If you click on the picture above, you will see that I also made the most adorable smashcake which was chocolate with pink frosting.

One more post to go to wrap up last weekend!


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