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Cake for a Dentist May 30, 2011

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I’ve been procrastinating on this post, because the final product, disappointingly, turned out nothing like the initial vision.  The vision was to make a cake that looked like a giant molar.  I made a base out of rice krispie treats, attached 4 dowels to the base, and covered the dowels with rice krispie treats to look like roots.  I let the rice krispie treats harden in the freezer for maybe 30 minutes.  I then flipped the whole thing over to stand up on the 4 roots.  The structure appeared to be standing and even continued to stand for a while after I put the 8 inch cake on top.  Unfortunately, as I was playing with it, I noticed that it kept leaning.  As I would fix one lean, it would lean another way.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I just could not take the possibility that the cake might fall over, so I scrapped the whole thing.  Next time I will use thicker dowels and allow more time for better construction!

Fortunately, I had a back up plan, as you see above.  I just took the cake off the top of the base and decorated that.  This is a vanilla bean 8″ cake filled with lemon curd and frosted with swiss merengue buttercream.  The decorations are made of fondant.  You can click on the picture to see a few more detailed shots.

I should also mention that, as all of the local stores were out of premade fondant, I attempted to make homemade fondant, for the first time, to cover the giant molar.  It wasn’t really too difficult to make the fondant, but I think I will stick with the premade stuff.  The homemade fondant tends to be more lumpy and takes a TON of kneading to get really smooth.  My hands just aren’t all that powerful when it comes to this kind of thing, so I will try to plan more in the future and let Satin Ice do the work from now on!

I made this cake to congratulate our good friends Ben and Natalie on purchasing their very own dental practice.  Here is the happy couple at their new practice.

Dr. Natalie Nechvatal is a great dentist and I highly recommend her to anyone who may read this and be living in the surrounding Toledo area!

Last weekend I made strawberry rhubarb pie in lieu of cake, so I thought I would post a picture of that, too.  It was super yummy!  Many thanks to Steve’s parents for the rhubarb fresh from their garden.

Up Next:  I have orders for a piano themed cake for the second week in June, a football themed cake that following weekend, and a 1st birthday for Father’s Day weekend.


One Response to “Cake for a Dentist”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Thanks again Nicole!
    The cake was beautiful even if it wasn’t how you originally envisioned it. More importantly it was absolutely delicious!

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