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Jungle Sports Baby Shower Cake June 22, 2011

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If I have ever made a cake very quickly, this one is it!  I started baking at 7:00 last night and finished decorating at 7:00 this morning!  No worries, I was not working on the cake the whole time!  As a result of having such a short time frame, I will readily admit that this is not my best work.  However, since it was a “donation”, I at least feel like the recipients got there money’s worth!

The cake is an 8″ chocolate cake with swiss merengue buttercream frosting and red raspberry filling.  The decorations are all fondant and match the bedding set that the parents to be have chosen.  Click on the picture below for more details.

Due next Thursday:  3 tiered zebra sweet 16 cake!


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