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Summer 2011 September 6, 2011

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Greetings cake fans!  With only a few orders on the horizon for the summer, I inadvertently took a break from “the bake”!  But, now I’m back and ready to ensue the crazy pace of life, work, and cake!

Please read on for my summer’s adventures in cake.  If you click on each of the pictures, you will see more details of each project.

Purple Zebra Cake

This cake was really very exciting for me, as it was the first cake that was commissioned from a complete stranger who found me via search results that brought them to this page!  The layers were a 12, 8, and 4 inches stacked largest to smallest.  The 12″ layer was white with vanilla almond swiss merengue buttercream filling.  The 8″ layer was red velvet with vanilla buttercream filling and the 4″ layer was chocolate with raspberry filling.  All layers were covered in swiss merengue buttercream.

The black zebra stripe was created with black fondant.  The middle layer is covered in purple fondant and the top layer is zebra striped purple fondant that matches the middle layer.  The zebra bow on the second layer is a fabric bow, per the customers request.  Putting the zebra stripes together was no easy feat, but I really enjoyed letting my creativity flow!  Happy sweet 16, Taylor!

One Baptism Cake for Two Babies

Back in February, I made a baby shower cake for a beautiful baby boy who was born in April.  In July, I had the pleasure of making a baptism cake for him, as well as his sweet baby girl cousin, who was born in December.  The cake is a 12″ white with raspberry filling and ivory tinted swiss merengue buttercream.  The decorations are made with fondant and are 100% edible.  Congratulations to James & Maren!

Grandma turns 90!

On August 18th, my grandmother turned 90!  She’s a pretty special lady, in more ways than one, to have lived so long.  I wasn’t able to be there on her birthday, but I did spend a long weekend with her a few weeks before the big day.  Anyone who knows my grandma, knows that she LOVES sweets.  She could subsist on sweets alone if she really wanted to!  So, to quench her sweet tooth, I made her two (not one) birthday cakes!  The first cake was a chocolate peanut butter and the 2nd was carrot cream cheese.  Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

A Bee Hive Birthday

On the first weekend in August, we celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday.  It was a lovely day with lunch in Byron with the family and a bee hive birthday cake for dessert!  The bee hive is a lemon cake made in a Williams Sonoma molded pan.  The pan was given to me as a gift from my mother-in-law, so it was the perfect occasion to test it out.  The cake is actually baked in two halves and stuck together with buttercream.  The cake is brushed with a honey lemon glaze and had lemon drizzle for icing.  The bees are made of colored fondant.  Happy Birthday Karen!

Other Summer Treats

In between the few cake orders, I also managed to make a few treats for family and friends.  Pictured below is a blueberry ice cream pie made with Michigan blueberries.  Click the picture and you can see what else I was up to.

White Wedding Cake

A perfect end to a great summer came in the form of a last-minute order for a wedding cake.  Unfortunately for a bride, her baker backed out on her at the last-minute.  Fortunately, for me (and her), we didn’t make any plans for this weekend, so I was able to make the cake!

The cake consists of three layers:  12″, 8:, and 4″.  All layers of the cake are white with vanilla swiss merengue buttercream frosting and filling.  The technical and time-consuming piece of the cake was the pink roses.  Each rose is handmade of gum paste.  There are about 30 roses total, and they took about 25 hours to make.. about an hour a rose!  Well worth the effort, though!

I’m looking forward to picking up with the cake business again this fall.  Place your orders today!! 🙂