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Baby Shower Cakes January 2, 2012

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This fall I had several orders for baby shower cakes, and they were all quite unique.  You can click on the pictures below to see additional pictures of each order.

The idea for the first cake came to me while I was looking at the registry for the mom-to-be.  The theme of the baby’s room was to be sailboats.  I took my inspiration from the wall hangings that go along with the bedding set.  The cake itself is a 12″ chocolate cake with swiss merengue chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla swiss merengue buttercream frosting.  Congratulations to Izzy & Jen!

The cake below is for a MSU themed baby shower for, of course, a huge MSU fan!  The bottom tier is white cake with vanilla swiss merengue buttercream frosting and filling.  The top tier is chocolate cake with chocolate swiss merengue buttercream filling and vanilla frosting.  The decorations, including the blocks, are made of fondant.  Initially, the blocks that spell out Nolan were supposed to be on top of the cake.  However, the blocks ended up bigger than I had planned, so I just improvised.  One of the great rewards of cake decorating is a successful improvisation!  Oh, and I have to say that the S’s on the top tier really are symmetrical.  It really bothers me that some of the angles of the pictures make the S look all distorted!

And, finally, this most adorable cake for my very good friends shower.  Since I was throwing the shower, I had free reign over the design.  I really took advantage of the creative freedom, tried a few new things, and really love the end result!

Typically I bake two cakes of the same size and sandwich them together with filling.  Because we were only planning on about 16 people at the shower, I took another route with this one and only made a single cake for each layer (no filling).  This also allowed me to make two different flavors and give each guest a taste of each (without giving them an overwhelming amount of cake).

I also used petal/flower shaped pans for the first time with this one.  To enhance the shape of the cake, I used fondant flower cut outs on each tier of the cake.  The owl on the top of the cake matches the invitations (you can see the invitation inspiration if you click on the picture below).  The bottom tier was chocolate cake and the top tier was pink colored vanilla bean cake.  Both are frosted with colored vanilla bean swiss merengue buttercream frosting.

Congratulation to Nirmal & Rachna!  We are so excited to meet Anoushka in just a few weeks!!

Up next are kids birthday cakes, but don’t hold your breath on seeing those tonight!  I think I’ve probably maxed myself out for today, but I will continue to update as I get time.  Thanks for bearing with me during this lengthy update process, adoring fans!!


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