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Congrats! January 2, 2012

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Below you will find the only two cakes that I have ever made, that didn’t take pictures of!  The pictures you see are courtesy of my clients.  It just so happens that both are congrats cakes, so I thought I would put them together here.  Note:  Since these are the only pictures I have, I have not linked them to separate photo pages.

This first one is a congratulatory cake for a few people who were graduating from pipe fitting school.  It is chocolate with chocolate swiss merengue buttercream filling and swiss merengue buttercream frosting.  The decorations are fondant.  Here are some client comments:  “This was so good. I think you are getting better and better!”  “This was a really tasty cake!!” “I have to agree! Delicious!”

Here is the logo that I used as a guide for the top of the cake.  The client asked for just the UA part (not the wrenches).  I did put the wrenches on the side of the cake, though.

The second cake is for a WMU student who graduated in December.  It is chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream filling and ganache frosting.

Baby shower cakes are next!!


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