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Fall Themed Cakes (2011) January 2, 2012

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I have just a few cakes slated for this update.  Be sure to click on the pictures in this post to see more detailed pictures for each project.

Fall would not be complete if I didn’t make an autumn themed bundt cake.  You’ll find below the 2011 rendition of this classic.  It is a pumpkin molasses bundt cake with caramel glaze and caramel candy cut out decorations.

Just before Halloween, my cousin, Andrea, came to visit me.  She’d been wanting to make a cake for a Really long time.  So that Andrea had the most time to decorate, I made the cake prior to her arrival.  The flavor is apple, with caramel cream cheese filling.  I learned a thing or two about caramel while trying to make the filling.  In fact, I ended up dumping a whole batch of caramel out as the whole thing just crystalized in the pan.  Caramel is actually a pretty tricky thing to master.  And, I will admit, I wouldn’t consider myself a master.. just yet!

Andrea decorated the entire thing, all on her own.  She rolled and cut out probably more than 100 fondant leaves to cover the cake.  It took several hours and I was very proud that she hung in there until the end.   Oh, the pumpkin on top is pumpkin molasses cake baked in a pumpkin mold and covered with fondant.  I think this cake is really great for Andreas first attempt at working with fondant.  She’s only 12, too!

These turkey cakes were inspired by Buddy Valastro (AKA Cake Boss)!  His show toured through Kalamazoo at the beginning of November, so of course I had to see it.  The show didn’t get the best of reviews here in Kzoo, but I thought it was really neat.  It was more of a comedy show than a “how-to” kind of thing.  During the show, he challenged the audience to make the turkey cake from his new book.  The cakes are actually a bundt cake (one is carrot and the other is pumpkin molasses) that is cut to make a “turkey” shape.  The cakes are covered with piped and colored cream cheese frosting.

I met Buddy for about 30 seconds, and TLC took this lovely picture of us!  I did find this part a bit disappointing and wished that he could have spent at least a few minutes with me.  He wouldn’t even personally address the book to me!!  Anyway, it was still a unique experience!

Congratulation cakes are next.. stay tuned!


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