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All Occasion and Custom Cakes in Kalamazoo Michigan by Nicole Kalmbach

Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Cake June 20, 2011

Let me put a disclaimer here:  I am seriously disappointed in most of these pictures.  I took them the same that I always take pictures, but for some reason they are really grainy and out of focus.  I suppose this is my punishment for getting only 5 hours of not very good sleep!  The last 2 pictures and the first one of Captain Jack Sparrow are shot by my customer with her VERY nice camera.  Look on at  mine with your own risk!

Arrrrrr, I see me a Lego cake!

A King's soldier is stationed in the turret to protect his turf! Look closely and you will see a lone Lego dot that I forgot to remove from the turret upon completion. OOPS! 🙂

Another soldier ready for battle... and a good view of the "10".

Captain Jack Sparrow attempting to break in to the castle!

As you can see, Captain Jack is armed and ready to fight!

Not sure who or what this guy is, but he seems to have escaped from jail!

On horse, this guy is coming up from the rear!

A birthday cake isn't a birthday cake until it has candles! I loved these especially special ones!

The happy birthday boy and his cake!


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